If you want to start designing the life you love, then you are exactly where you need to be to get started. No more excuses. It’s go time.

You are invited to begin your your journey now with Anita Myers as your guide to reaching higher levels of success in life management, dating/relationship and parenting. The power to live better and love harder is in your hands. Create the life you want!

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My name is Anita Myers, founder and CEO of InnerScope Consulting.

As a certified and licensed Life Coach and Relationship Coach, you will gain the mindset to

1. Living a more balanced life.
2. Releasing the habits that sabotage your opportunities for success.
3. Recognizing your own self-worth.
4. Building stronger, lasting and healthy relationships.
5. Leading you to making quality and value your natural default.

“Your life is your business. It’s your empire. You own it. So make it the most profitable experience ever.”

In the Dating/Relationship arena, I’m professionally trained to help you achieve a higher level of relationship readiness. Before considering the idea of dating, you will want to know more about who you are and who you are looking for to match your mind and heart. We will work together to discover what your needs and wants are for relationship success.

Already in a relationship? I’ll provide you the tweaks you could use to upgrade or reignite what may have plateaued.

Divorced? Celebrate your freedom by investing time with my services to kick-start your heart back to where it should be (in love with your self!).

Seeking an overall relationship improvement? HLogoaving healthier, conscious connections at work, at home – anywhere, with anyone — if that is your goal, you can enjoy having my professional guidance, mentorship, training and coaching to help you rebuild your mindset. Feel safe, supported and secure as you approach any relationship with the confidence and finesse you were born to have. Happiness is already within you – it’s a matter of clearing any obstacles that keep you from feeling that joy.

As a Parenting Coach, I provide new to veteran parents mindful techniques in establishing and maintaining healthy bonds with their children from toddler to college grad years, all while staying grounded in maintaining their own values and reaching new personal goals.

Learn how to better translate what children are saying in “their language” and what your accountability is to yourself, while being the role model and leader for your little one(s) – what a mighty position to be in! You are the superhero rearing more superheroes in your family unit! I’ll help you recognize and adjust your expectations and reactions in situations, so the future of your world will be a great one.

“My experience and education in the arena of coaching, training and consulting provides expert guidance, support and accountability needed to help you lead a more fulfilling life.”

My objective is to guide you in reaching for more purpose, power, and passion in your life.

Whether you are single, married, or a parent, discover the love, acceptance, happiness, peace, and strength you are looking for and reclaim your better life through my programs.

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“Anita utilizes a unique blend of life experiences, innate wisdom, and encouragement to empower her clients. She has a passion and vision for strong, healthy relationships and works to improve over-all self-esteem. She understands that the storms are temporary and there can be a colorful, rich rainbow at the end. Through her encouragement and commitment, she has helped me to realize my Prince Charming is a reality.”
M.M., San Diego, CA

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Which Best Describes You?

  • Single and looking for a fulfilling relationship but having a hard time finding the right fit.
  • In a relationship and looking to reignite, strengthen and upgrade your level of love.
  • A parent who feels overwhelmed and wants to reclaim balance and self-worth.
  • A parent who wants to improve family management and build a stronger parent-child relationship.
  • Someone eager to improve an area in personal development and reach full potential in personal growth.

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