Last night I did something I usually don’t ask to do since the invention of DVRs. I asked my husband if we can watch The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon when it actually came on, instead of recording it and scrolling past the commercials later. I didn’t want to miss the first show that introduces […]

The Heart of the Matter

    Once upon a time, a long time ago, like the ’90s, I stumbled across a show called, “Crossing Over With John Edward.” Being a spiritually influenced person I paused in my clicking through stations to hear what he had to say. In the beginning, I naturally wanted to side with the skeptics and spent […]


Breathe it all in. Let it all out. Allow yourself peace. Enjoy! Scream! Shout! Give genuine respect. Challenge the, “Why.” Hold tight, let go. Rise up, and fly. – Anita Myers, 2010  

Mercury in Retrograde

  I remember when she first commented about “M in R” years ago. I wondered what my girlfriend, Alex, was talking about. M in R stands for Mercury in Retrograde. Three times a year, the planet Mercury “appears” to be moving in a backward motion. When this happens we notice that, no matter what we […]


“You’ll understand better when you’re a mom.” Did you ever hear that before having your first baby? I used to get frustrated, hearing moms say that to me. I’d feel offended, thinking, “Hey, I’m able to love like you, so why does having a baby have to make everything so different?” I mean hey, I’m […]

Conversations In The Car With My Daughter

  When she talked about relationships: She – So Jimmy gave me a flower, and admitted that he liked me! On the bus! And everyone heard! Then Johnny gave me a flower HE picked. And that made Jimmy really upset because he copied him. So they fought! On the bus! Oh my gosh! Then Danny, *sigh*, […]