What Did You Just Say?

What did you just say? Reclaim control of your inner dialogue.  We spend majority of our lives speaking to others. We do a lot of vocalizing. We have also appreciated the opposite, where meditation allows us to silence our mind and calm our spirit. It made me wonder, though. How many people who experience frustration in reaching any kind […]


Last night I did something I usually don’t ask to do since the invention of DVRs. I asked my husband if we can watch The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon when it actually came on, instead of recording it and scrolling past the commercials later. I didn’t want to miss the first show that introduces […]

The Heart of the Matter

    Once upon a time, a long time ago, like the ’90s, I stumbled across a show called, “Crossing Over With John Edward.” Being a spiritually influenced person I paused in my clicking through stations to hear what he had to say. In the beginning, I naturally wanted to side with the skeptics and spent […]


Breathe it all in. Let it all out. Allow yourself peace. Enjoy! Scream! Shout! Give genuine respect. Challenge the, “Why.” Hold tight, let go. Rise up, and fly. – Anita Myers, 2010  

Mercury in Retrograde

  I remember when she first commented about “M in R” years ago. I wondered what my girlfriend, Alex, was talking about. M in R stands for Mercury in Retrograde. Three times a year, the planet Mercury “appears” to be moving in a backward motion. When this happens we notice that, no matter what we […]


“You’ll understand better when you’re a mom.” Did you ever hear that before having your first baby? I used to get frustrated, hearing moms say that to me. I’d feel offended, thinking, “Hey, I’m able to love like you, so why does having a baby have to make everything so different?” I mean hey, I’m […]

Conversations In The Car With My Daughter

  When she talked about relationships: She – So Jimmy gave me a flower, and admitted that he liked me! On the bus! And everyone heard! Then Johnny gave me a flower HE picked. And that made Jimmy really upset because he copied him. So they fought! On the bus! Oh my gosh! Then Danny, *sigh*, […]