Conversations with my daughter – Refining slanguage

When it comes to being a parent, there are words I use that are proper, and there are words I use that are slang-y. And there are words I’d rather use, but prefer not to because I want to sound better in front of my daughter. I’m a rated-G mom on the outside and have a […]

Conversations with my daughter – It’s Not Fair

  Had a conversation with my daughter tonight. She huffed and puffed about bedtime. Me: “You are way past your bed time – you gotta go to bed now.” She: “UUURRRGGHH — It’s not fair! Me: “What’s not fair?” She: “That you and Dad always get to tell me what to do, and no one […]

Conversations In The Car With My Daughter

  When she talked about relationships: She – So Jimmy gave me a flower, and admitted that he liked me! On the bus! And everyone heard! Then Johnny gave me a flower HE picked. And that made Jimmy really upset because he copied him. So they fought! On the bus! Oh my gosh! Then Danny, *sigh*, […]