Mother Is A Verb

In honor of Mother’s Day, posting a short little poem along with re-posting a great video based on a blog post by Lisa-Jo Baker. Mother is a verb. Through and through. Mother is found in the action of do. We are often messy, running, tired and worn. That just shows love from when our children were born. You don’t […]

Conversations with my daughter – Refining slanguage

When it comes to being a parent, there are words I use that are proper, and there are words I use that are slang-y. And there are words I’d rather use, but prefer not to because I want to sound better in front of my daughter. I’m a rated-G mom on the outside and have a […]

Conversations with my daughter – It’s Not Fair

  Had a conversation with my daughter tonight. She huffed and puffed about bedtime. Me: “You are way past your bed time – you gotta go to bed now.” She: “UUURRRGGHH — It’s not fair! Me: “What’s not fair?” She: “That you and Dad always get to tell me what to do, and no one […]

Focus on Love

  In a busy life filled with demands, expectations, duty and upholding your own personal values and laws, it’s important to recognize love in between all of that hubbub. As humans, we grow and evolve, and man… do we ever invent and reinvent. And improve. And better. And things get done faster. Way, way faster. […]

Conversations In The Car With My Daughter

  When she talked about relationships: She – So Jimmy gave me a flower, and admitted that he liked me! On the bus! And everyone heard! Then Johnny gave me a flower HE picked. And that made Jimmy really upset because he copied him. So they fought! On the bus! Oh my gosh! Then Danny, *sigh*, […]