Mother Is A Verb

In honor of Mother’s Day, posting a short little poem along with re-posting a great video based on a blog post by Lisa-Jo Baker. Mother is a verb. Through and through. Mother is found in the action of do. We are often messy, running, tired and worn. That just shows love from when our children were born. You don’t […]

SpringDetox – Domino Effect in Consciousness

  Earlier this Monday I completed the 30-Day Detox I set myself out to accomplish. A great goal that I’m glad I experienced. And not only have I not reverted back, I don’t consider this as a detox anymore. It’s been adopted as a lifestyle, and I’m really happy about it. And not ONLY did it affect […]

Conversations with my daughter – Refining slanguage

When it comes to being a parent, there are words I use that are proper, and there are words I use that are slang-y. And there are words I’d rather use, but prefer not to because I want to sound better in front of my daughter. I’m a rated-G mom on the outside and have a […]

SpringCleanEating – The morning after 30 Days

So, these just came in the mail. From Etsy: Perfect gift to give myself after getting through my 30-Day #SpringCleanEating Detox. These are handpainted and you know what? I love them. My cats seem to also 🙂 Always celebrate your victories with something you value, and when it comes to Wonder Woman and shoes? Well, […]

SpringCleanEating – DAY 30 – I’M SO GLAD IT’S OVER

  DAY 30!! I AM SO GLAD IT’S OVER. I CAN’T BELIEVE I EVEN WENT THROUGH THAT UNBELIEVABLE GRUESOME EXPERIENCE. THAT WAS HELL.   I bet that’s what you imagined I would say today. I mean, 30 days of no sugar (pain) no dairy (pain and suffering), no gluten (Hell), and I threw in no coffee (delusion in Hell […]

SpringCleanEating – Day 24

  Day 24 – Better food, and soon — fitness! I’ve been meaning to get to the gym to do some cardio, but my schedule has kept me from getting over there. The best feeling, though, is the message I have been giving myself — one that my health coach told me from the beginning: […]

SpringClean Eating – Day 25

  Day 25 – The Doughnut and the Pilates Reformer I woke up and made myself a delicious bowl of oats with chopped apples, with a side of protein (no-nitrite, uncured, organic bacon – tastes like bacon down on the farm, if you like bacon!). Had my warm lemon water. Headed out to the gym feeling […]

SpringCleanEating – Day 20

Today is my 20th day on the detox. I’ve spent 20 days without sugar, gluten, dairy and caffeine. My confessions What I had that I shouldn’t have had: 1 coffee with almond mik and stevia on Easter morning, which I didn’t enjoy due to the stevia, so if I did it again I might sweeten […]

SpringCleanEating – Detox Recipes and Meal ideas

In my first week of detox away from sugar, dairy and gluten, I became so focused on what I can replace, and what I can eat that I ended up forgetting to drink my coffee! My one-cup-a-morning coffee. I have loved my coffee every morning, but I was so anxious to get the rest of […]

SpringCleanEating – Day 8

Day 8 – It’s Monday. The day I began a week ago my mental and mouth-al training. I’m just going to use this opportunity to say wow – I cannot believe I got this far. There are people who FAST for weeks, and for no other intention but maybe religion or vows. I know my Catholic friends […]

SpringCleanEating – Day 7

  Woke up to a burp-less morning. Yes! In fact, the day felt a lot better than my typical yesterdays used to feel. Last month I was sluggish, would pop a mug of coffee and a B12 with an organic yogurt parfait made of raw oats, a spoon of natural fruit spread and whatever nuts […]

SpringCleanEating – Day 6

Day 6 — What. The. Fork. Had a pretty good day and then…   Burp. BURP! **BELCH** BUURRRRRRRP!!!! Omg? This is NOT a day that I need to be going anywhere. Why am I so GASSY?? I JUST said that I was feeling deflated yesterday, and now I’m like loaded with bubbles floatin’ around and literally […]

SpringCleanEating – Day 5

    Day 5 — Deflated. I’m not talking about feeling down and out. I’m talking about the kind like a balloon that is slowly having its air released. I woke up and felt a little lighter. Stood up a little taller. Felt good. Had a little skip in my step. Girrrrrl, I thought, something good is […]

SpringCleanEating – Day 4

  DAY 4 — Feeling deflated. No. Not that kind of deflated. More like… I’m-a-balloon-with-a-teeny-pin-prick-and-air-is-slowly-leaving-my-body, deflated. I’m drinking more water, hungry often, but the food I’m choosing to eat is actually delicious and not making me hangry. I see myself needing to be super conscious right now about preparing food and what am I putting […]