SpringCleanEating – The morning after 30 Days

So, these just came in the mail. From Etsy: Perfect gift to give myself after getting through my 30-Day #SpringCleanEating Detox. These are handpainted and you know what? I love them. My cats seem to also 🙂 Always celebrate your victories with something you value, and when it comes to Wonder Woman and shoes? Well, […]

SpringCleanEating – DAY 30 – I’M SO GLAD IT’S OVER

  DAY 30!! I AM SO GLAD IT’S OVER. I CAN’T BELIEVE I EVEN WENT THROUGH THAT UNBELIEVABLE GRUESOME EXPERIENCE. THAT WAS HELL.   I bet that’s what you imagined I would say today. I mean, 30 days of no sugar (pain) no dairy (pain and suffering), no gluten (Hell), and I threw in no coffee (delusion in Hell […]

SpringCleanEating – Day 24

  Day 24 – Better food, and soon — fitness! I’ve been meaning to get to the gym to do some cardio, but my schedule has kept me from getting over there. The best feeling, though, is the message I have been giving myself — one that my health coach told me from the beginning: […]

SpringClean Eating – Day 25

  Day 25 – The Doughnut and the Pilates Reformer I woke up and made myself a delicious bowl of oats with chopped apples, with a side of protein (no-nitrite, uncured, organic bacon – tastes like bacon down on the farm, if you like bacon!). Had my warm lemon water. Headed out to the gym feeling […]

SpringCleanEating – Day 20

Today is my 20th day on the detox. I’ve spent 20 days without sugar, gluten, dairy and caffeine. My confessions What I had that I shouldn’t have had: 1 coffee with almond mik and stevia on Easter morning, which I didn’t enjoy due to the stevia, so if I did it again I might sweeten […]

SpringCleanEating – Detox Recipes and Meal ideas

In my first week of detox away from sugar, dairy and gluten, I became so focused on what I can replace, and what I can eat that I ended up forgetting to drink my coffee! My one-cup-a-morning coffee. I have loved my coffee every morning, but I was so anxious to get the rest of […]

SpringCleanEating – Day 15

Day 15 – First: I GOT THROUGH EASTER! HALLELUJAH! 🙂 Next: My three confessions I had NO problem with dairy. I was able to stay away from ice cream, and I’m not a milk drinker normally. But… 1. I gave in to a cup of coffee, but used almond milk and stevia as my creamer […]

SpringCleanEating – Day 8

Day 8 – It’s Monday. The day I began a week ago my mental and mouth-al training. I’m just going to use this opportunity to say wow – I cannot believe I got this far. There are people who FAST for weeks, and for no other intention but maybe religion or vows. I know my Catholic friends […]

SpringCleanEating – Day 7

  Woke up to a burp-less morning. Yes! In fact, the day felt a lot better than my typical yesterdays used to feel. Last month I was sluggish, would pop a mug of coffee and a B12 with an organic yogurt parfait made of raw oats, a spoon of natural fruit spread and whatever nuts […]

SpringCleanEating – Day 6

Day 6 — What. The. Fork. Had a pretty good day and then…   Burp. BURP! **BELCH** BUURRRRRRRP!!!! Omg? This is NOT a day that I need to be going anywhere. Why am I so GASSY?? I JUST said that I was feeling deflated yesterday, and now I’m like loaded with bubbles floatin’ around and literally […]

SpringCleanEating – Day 5

    Day 5 — Deflated. I’m not talking about feeling down and out. I’m talking about the kind like a balloon that is slowly having its air released. I woke up and felt a little lighter. Stood up a little taller. Felt good. Had a little skip in my step. Girrrrrl, I thought, something good is […]

SpringCleanEating – Day 4

  DAY 4 — Feeling deflated. No. Not that kind of deflated. More like… I’m-a-balloon-with-a-teeny-pin-prick-and-air-is-slowly-leaving-my-body, deflated. I’m drinking more water, hungry often, but the food I’m choosing to eat is actually delicious and not making me hangry. I see myself needing to be super conscious right now about preparing food and what am I putting […]

SpringCleanEating – Day 3

Day 3: WHAT. A. DAY.  Today I woke up at 8:23am. Yep. That late. And I only woke up because my daughter woke me up. I was hard core in the depths of R.E.M. Had a morning meeting where I showed up talking probably incoherently? Threw no make up on. Exposed the raccoon-ish eyes of […]

SpringCleanEating – Day 2

Day 2… I just posted on facebook the following: “Pretty shocked I got through so far. You know that feeling when you’re like slimy gross and so need a shower, and then you take that shower and feel super clean, and fresh? That’s how it kinda feels from the inside out after dropping the sugar, processed […]

SpringCleanEating – Day 1

Day 1: Went the day before to get all my groceries and stock my kitchen to get ready for– the event. I decided I was going to spend 30-days dedicated to changing my eating style. This is definitely an event. I remember doing something like this when it was time for my daughter to get […]