ISC’s Four-Platform Program – At A Glance

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Platform One: ISC Life Review Assessment

Experience a deeper review of your completed assessment responses. Engage in an intro mini-coaching session. Gain insight and consultation on the overall “Scope” of reaching success where needed. Receive a personalized analysis report reflecting helpful suggestions and tips to begin the process of building success.

One 30-min session via Phone and ISC Analysis Report 

Platform Two: Immersion Session 

Your first official session is designed to help you focus, prepare and prioritize according to what requires more attention and stronger structure. We will uncover purpose, cover beginning strategies and recover thought adjustment to expedite an empowered mindset. Select from six life platforms that are fitted to influence and encourage growth from wherever you are in life.

One 60-min session via phone

Platform Three: InnerPower Program

Plug in and recognize four powers within you. Recharge yourself from the inside out as you realign your mind and heart with valuable habits, higher perspectives and proactive action plans.

It’s time to build a strong road to positive living. A guided and mentored four-session experience delivers a supportive foundation for your future victories.

Four one-hour weekly sessions Phone/Internet

Platform Four: The InnerScope Program

Application is your next challenge. Put your words to work with what’s needed to break through to your potential. This 9-week program is your strongest program that has potential to give you the most out of your investment.

Nine one-hour weekly sessions via phone/internet

V.I.P. Status!

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In completion of the full programs, your investment earns you V.I.P. Status with InnerScope. Enjoy the freedom to build your own program with your professional advocate and a reduction in session fees!

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