Three Wishes Gift Certificate

If you had a genie in a lamp, what would you wish for? magic Aladdin genie lamp with blue smoke, but no genie face

Our Three Wishes Gift Certificate provides you, or someone you love, a personalized program designed according to three personal lifetime, “wishes.”  Small or large, an advocate genie is present to help the fortunate recipient in working toward a desirable life, and a healthier, happier kind of love.

Of course, massages, make overs, material gifts, and momentary services all provide fantastic instant gratification, but they are gifts that usually provide smiles and comfort for a temporary amount of time.

What if your gift could provide inspirational tools for success that could positively, maybe even permanently, improve lives?

Give them a taste of what successful leaders in the world reach for at an affordable investment.


Select from the following:

  • $25 Care Gift – provides one assessment and one 30-minute consultation.

  • $50 Inspire Gift* – provides one assessment, one 60-minute consult/coaching experience, and one “checking in” email correspondence.

  • $150 Love Gift* – provides one assessment, one 60-minute consult/coaching experience, one InnerPower session, and one “checking in” email correspondence.

  • $600 Empower Gift* – Provides our complete information-driven InnerPower Program, encompassing one assessment, one consult/coaching experience, four 60-minute coaching and consulting combination sessions, and four “checking in” email correspondences.

*Terms of Use

Inspire, Love and Empower Gift Programs require Recipient to review and complete a compulsory agreement after the initial assessments are completed. This is to secure privacy and commitment between Recipient and professional.

  • Sender Information

  • Recipient info

For additional information or any further questions, please feel free to contact me.

May all your wishes come true!