What is InnerScope Consulting all about? Learn more about our coaching programs

ISC brings professional guidance and support in optimizing

  • mental wellness
  • emotional support, control and balance
  • proper life management tools and skills
  • and personal growth, culminating in
  • overall whole life fulfillment and satisfaction

Why work with InnerScope Consulting?

  • Stress is the basic cause of 60% of all human illness and disease. Work stress causes 10% of strokes. (American Institute of Stress)
  • Ineffective parenting can contribute to, and can exacerbate, mental health issues in children. Nearly 22% of youths ages 12 to 17 in 2004 received counseling for emotional and behavioral issues. (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services)
  • 42% of dates end on the 2nd 69% of singles are confused about if they’re on an actual date when they go out with someone they like, according to the State of Dating in America report by ChristianMingle and JDate.
  • 40 – 50% of marriages still end in divorce

Where are you right now in life? 

Take a 10-second assessment and find out! ISC Life Review Assessment

What benefits can I achieve from InnerScope Consulting services? 

  • Gain stronger communication skills.

  • Eliminate misunderstandings and the time needed to effectively express what you need or want.

  • Reduce stress.

  • Identify and infuse meaning in your desires.

  • Conquer fears.

  • Clarity in relationship “wants and needs.”

  • Attract and build healthier, stronger relationships.

  • Achieve fulfillment in your relationships.

  • Boost personal and professional success.

  • Bring satisfaction in your achievements.

  • Develop a higher level of self-confidence.

  • Maintain positive connection with those you love.

  • Strengthen your sense of worth, self-esteem, and positive mindset.

  • Increase mental health.

  • Upgrade your parenting style.

  • Optimize yourwork/life balance.

  • Escalate effective organization and time management (gain control of your life rather than having your life controlled by others).

  • Reinforce productive perspectives.

  • Self Appreciation.

  • Cultivate greater overall wellness.

  • Security in self-preservation.

  • Recognition in parent-child roles.

  • Reinforce your values to build a stronger personal foundation.

  • Raise your standard.

  • Build appropriate boundaries.

  • Reveal your true purpose.

ISC programs involve assessment, development and support, and are based on three core values:

Integrity – Holding yourself accountable to your commitments, desires, efforts and overall purpose.

Mindfulness – Consciously giving and receiving the best of ourselves and compassionately recognizing the purpose and intention of others.

Determination – Will power to adjust thoughts, habits and goals continuously to persevere toward your desired outcomes.

If you are overwhelmed, stuck —

If what you are doing isn’t getting you the results you want —

If you are looking to improve your life–

Do away with everything that hasn’t already worked for you. Let go of it.

Start with ISC as your fresh resource.

Make time to:

1. Identify core issues.

2. Gain the safety and security in disclosure to help you realize your true motivations. 

3. Build new attitudes and habits towards desires you wish to achieve.

4. Learn visualization and imagery techniques to meet and filter out unwanted emotional and illogical debris.

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