At InnerScope Consulting, we lift you to the power of YOU.

InnerScope Consulting’s mission is to help people achieve higher levels in personal development and relationship satisfaction.

Our programs are designed to help people reach their full potential in personal growth.

This page shares the symbolic meaning of the InnerScope logo, and the company’s key message of “Lifting you to the power of YOU.”


The logo design is inspired by the Indian art of rangoli. The image was developed by artist, Art Pagsuyoin, who brilliantly captured and cleverly delivered the profound messages of InnerScope Consulting’s origin, intent, and vision for the betterment of people by its creator, Anita Myers.

A Closer Look: Five Reflections

Directional Hearts

The four hearts represent the lessons of one’s past (west, behind you); the desires of one’s future (east, ahead of you); the inner guide within you (north, above you/your higher nature); and your mentor’s facilitation (south, your accountability to your designated professional who helps lift you higher toward your desired goals).

The Heart of the Matter

The individual heart in the center of our logo represents our origins, where we organically began our lives, in its purest form. Through our personalized programs, we’ll work together to bring your displaced heart back home, to the center, where your heart belongs and love’s power resides.

Life's Shape

The circle is a representation of the world we live in, our cycle of life, and a ring of commitment (as in a marriage to yourself, where the commitments are also made for better or worse). We commonly make commitments to others. Our sessions nurture the importance in making effective, lasting commitments to ourselves.

Balance in Color

 Orange – fire in motivation. Red –  passion and love in energy. Blue – calmness and patience required to understand, learn and grow. InnerScope Consulting’s logo reflects these colors, serving as a reminder of what is typically colorless in your everyday life. You can rely on our custom-crafted services to lead you toward more “color-filled” perspectives.

Remembering the Spirit

The blue and white-hued exterior represents water-like fluidity that we desire for our personal peace and our ethereal connection (the soft white orb encircling the rangoli), which sustains us through our lives. These colors serve as a reminder of the tie between our spirit and soul within the Universe.



As an American fused of Asian-Indian ethnicity, Anita Myers lovingly welcomes this inspirational and profound logo as the representation of InnerScope Consulting. Every area of this mandala reflects Anita: her history, vision and most of all, her passionate investment in positive guidance toward growing and boundless success for all clients.

Lifting you to the power of you. This statement plays off the scientific / mathematical exponential term of x to the power of y.  For simplicity’s sake, the base (x) represents you as you are today. As in math, the power it is raised to directly affects the value of the original base.

So when we translate that to how power can work for us, the power we are willing to reach can directly affect the value we hold in ourselves.

In other words, our work in ourselves will build and display our worth of ourselves.

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InnerScope Consulting
“Working with Anita is conducive to inhaling sunshine. Her optimism is not only encouraging, but contagious, and readily needed in a world that peddles gloom and doom. She infuses her clients with her energy, and causes them to realize that anything is possible.

As a coach, Anita instinctively uses the gifts of “holographic thinking” (using her analytical, emotional and intuitive mind); “balancing,” “brainstorming” and “cheerleading” to a remarkable degree.

I highly recommend Anita and I’m glad she is doing her part to make the world a warmer, more vibrant place for those facing life and relationship problems.”