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love-heart-hand-romanticCommunication Clarity: Learn the most effective ways to deliver and receive spoken and written messages shared to others, yourself. Discover how to value and respect the power of communication.
One session – 60 minutes

pexels-photo (2)Love and Relationships: Relationship Reset! Whether relationships are spinning out of control or reaching a hum drum plateau, it’s time to reset and recharge. Break past life regression issues, emotional ties and repetitive patterns! Learn fundamental techniques, perspectives and beliefs that enrich relationships that deserve your embrace.
One session – 60 minutes


Mindful Moms and Determined Dads
5 Steps to Parenting Consciously:
Learn the key factors in building and maintaining proper values in your parenting world, and bring a balance for the mind, body and spirit through your sessions in order to gain positive tools in communication and style.
One session – 60 minutes


Breaking Bad Habits: Bad habits are stealthy little gremlins holding an uncontrollable college party in your Application/Guidance to Personal Power brain. Learn how to recognize and replace habits that keep you from reaching your personal goals.
One session – 60 minutes

Purpo123seful Dating: One small step into dating unprepared… one giant leap into aggravation and heartbreak for all relationship kind. Take a stand and
date with purpose! Gain tips and guidance to build on your purpose and experience dating as positive as you intend it to be.
One session – 60 minutes


Personal Identity Theft: Reclaiming your self-worth: From birth you’ve acquired a ton of roles along with expectations from your community, culture and society. Feeling tapped out? Let’s reorganize the lovely mansion in your heart to suit the life you want to live. Get reacquainted with self-love, self-worth and confidence, and generate a positive attraction back from the universe.
One session – 60 minutes


Other: Unrelated topic of interest

One session – 60 minutes


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