Do you feel like you are struggling?
Would you like greater ease and flow in your life?
Want to feel more joy, peace, and passion?


slide3Anita Myers coaches singles, couples and parents to recognize their true power, own their self-worth and embrace self-love. As your coach, Anita helps you unlock the gates to opportunities. You’ll unleash desires you thought you couldn’t have. You’ll begin to feel stronger, more powerful and able to reach higher ground.

Imagine having the power to:

  • master your relationships

  • parent with greater ease and joy

  • discover what’s truly possible for you

Envision Life Transformation:

Coaching will empower you to transform your life and ALL your relationships, including your relationships in your work, your kids, your family, your friends and most importantly your relationship with yourself!

dawn-sunset-couple-loveRelationships/Love – Learn the tools to assist with breaking past life regression, emotional ties, and repetitive behavior patters.  We provide fundamental techniques to help gain perspective and create action that will help the individual recognize barriers in order to enrich their souls and embrace the relationships deserved.



Confidence/Self Love – Learn the tools that will improve self-love, self worth, self esteem and confidence.  You will soon create a positive mind and body in order to attract all your desires from the universe.

 – Learn the key factors in building and maintaining health parent/child relationships along with values to uphold as a parent.  You will bring balance to the mind, body, and spirit through tools directed towards healthy communication style and delivery.


As your professional advocate and coach, Anita empowers you to:

  • move past what’s been holding you back in your life

  • harness powerful tools and strategies to get the results you wish to achieve

  • reframe and rewire painful situations and beliefs that are holding you back

  • understand your yourself and others in your life in new and powerful ways

  • uncover a renewed passion and let it drive you forward to the next level

  • ways to quickly get yourself unstuck and hit the reset button when challenges come your way

  • release negative energy to make room for more peace and love

  • make decisions that are truly aligned with your values

  • discover ways to trust yourself in every situation

Are you ready to get the compassion, step-by-step solutions, and unconditional confidence that you need to achieve your goals?

Get ready to transform your life and relationships forever, by scheduling your Discovery Session with Anita now.

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