SpringCleanEating – The Backstory

Travel LightI had gone to a full-day seminar that talked about the body and the reaction it goes through when the mind is filled with stress and unhealthy food.

Many factors play into the body experiencing inflammation, and over time, inflammation of the body leads to illness.

Whether it’s a minor or major kind, knowing that we have more control in illness prevention through the power of our mind had me asking myself — What am I doing more for me?

I meditate.

I carry a generally positive perspective.

I eat reasonably well… I think?

I tackled the low glycemic approach a couple of years ago, being convinced that I’m a drug addict, with sugar being my drug. Lost about 35 pounds. That was incredibly motivating. But I stopped caring when I experienced loss. It’s easy to stop exercising and eating well for me when a loss takes place. I truly prefer to crawl into a dark room and emotionally die for a while.

Gained my crap back.

Coming out of the dark (squirrel: isn’t that a Gloria Estefan song?) and sitting in that seminar, I heard what I needed to hear. And I wanted to stop my lethargy in health maintenance.

I lost my mother to Alzheimer’s.

I lost my father to cancer.

I’m an only child.

I need to take really good care of me if I want to be a part of my husband’s and daughter’s life in the future. The far future.

I met with Chek Holistic Lifestyle Coach Nicole Moneer. Her story and ultimate success in health and fitness had me more motivated than I had been in years.

She talked about nutrition with me. Explained the point of eating organic, and clean. And for now, to detox a bit with a much better eating regimen. Like — no sugar, no dairy and no gluten. Oh my! Call me Dorothy, and my land, Oz. Those are my boyfriends! I loved them for all my life! And I have to leave them? My mind needed to work on that one a bit. 

When I finished talking to her, I asked her what can I do between now and when I see her again in terms of exercise. I figured she’d share a regimen of cardio, or take a class or something. You know what she told me?

“Focus this time on just the nutrition, focus on eating right. The exercise will come later.”

Wow. For the first time I was told don’t exercise, just eat better. I grew up where from the ’70s thru the ’90s everyone was all about Jane Fonda and her workout, the 20-Minute Workout, Let’s Get Physical, Abs and Buns of Steel, and Aerobics 1 and 2 at the Bally’s gym. It continued with Tae Bo, Zumba, P90x, and on and on.

Not against those. But it was exercise with nutrition somewhere in there. So naturally, I focused on the exercise. The nutrition? Meh.

This time, putting my mind into knowing that the exercise of eating right and getting into a rhythm of clean and good eating will make my future exercising a better experience. So, I actually loved hearing what she said. And as funny and energetic as she is, she was so serious about this. Which made me respect the point she was making that much more. Got me thinking…

Eating right is such a tough challenge when your mind has been brainwashed to believe that all foods we were given as kids, as teens, as college students and as adults, are all good for us. Through commercials, movies, our comBuy fresh and organicmunity, and friends, we all just eat “whatever” and have fun. So we associate food to good times, whether the food is good for you, or not.

And effects from poor eating don’t show up until later, so since we are such “now” and impulsive people, we live off of that mind-high easily. The food industry banks on our perspective. And so does pharma. That’s about all I will say about that.

So this is where I begin. This is the start of a new journey in eating much, much better than I ever did before. I have no idea how I’m going to do, but I know I am excited to make this happen.

I deserve a healthy and fit body.

I deserve a full life.

This is how I’m going to love myself back in 2016.


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