SpringClean Eating – Day 25


Day 25 – The Doughnut and the Pilates Reformer

I woke up and made myself a delicious bowl of oats with chopped apples, with a side of protein (no-nitrite, uncured, organic bacon – tastes like bacon down on the farm, if you like bacon!). Had my warm lemon water. Headed out to the gym feeling anxious for the moment I’d get connected with the 50 Shades of Grey-lates reformer (a.k.a. Pilates reformer).

Once Nicole and I covered some questions and topics worth discussing in my transformation regimen, Nicole got on the reformer next to mine and instructed me about what I would do, then showed me what it would look like.

Then it was my turn. I gotta be honest, it looked so much easier when she did the move, than when I did.

I did it — but I looked like a doughnut next to her killer fit body.

Hey, I’m just calling a spade a spade, ok?

Keepin’ it real.

She looks like this…


Nicole Moneer

and I look like this…


And that’s okay. At least those doughnuts look good, for doughnuts. 🙂

She showed me exercises that helped me stretch. Ones that helped me engage my core. Ones that showed me how off my alignment might be, and gave me hope in retraining a better posture and reaching a new potential for myself. All the laptop typing, social media/cell phone viewing — all the sitting around in cars and chairs — it can do a number on your posture over time.

I really hadn’t struck up any conversations with my core until today. I woke my core up from a bear-like hibernation. The only thought I had in my mind, if I could talk with my core, was “I’m so sorry I did this to you!”

She asked me to straddle something and grab the trapeze rod. And my amazing, inner-college-girl humor and immaturity had me giggling.

Because 50 Shades.

So much to say. I took three college classes on Sex Ed. Because I could. But this is not that kind of blog show. Every healthy and loving relationship should have a Pilates Reformer in their house. Ok. That’s all I will say. 😉

Back to the work: I see Nicole using the trapeze bar, demonstrating my next exercise to me. Her long hair moved in the air with the greatest of ease. And she swung around with that bar like she came out of a Cirque Du Soleil show, I tell you.

Remember Nicole…

Nicole Moneer

and me…


I giggled to myself trying to swing around and actually make it look good.

One has to laugh. Or one might cry, you know?

But I did it.

Maybe I was a little Demi-Moore-Striptease-Sexy good?

Nah. That was just in my head.

I was, in reality, doughnut good.

And where I am right now, that kinda good is great for now.

I’ll take it. 😀

It motivated me to do better next time, but even more, it was exciting that I carried the task out and accomplished it. I like to finish what I start. Sentences, meals, tasks, goals… if I start it, I want to finish it. And Nicole was able to help me get through that session very well. She’s truly a great guide who never judged me, pushed me past my tolerance level, or belittled what I couldn’t do with a “Come on, you can do better than that” attitude. She just coasted along with me and when my muscles shook or had a cramp that attacked my leg, she calmly centered me so I could get the job done. I think I appreciated that the most in her work so far with me. She eased me through the tasks and got me past the tough spots.

If there is one thing I’m a hard core snob about, it’s service. Client service. Anyone who was ever a server understands this. We bust our butt for tips. We know what it takes to earn a dollar, especially if those dollars help us pay our rent, or eat, or just simply survive. I spent all my life in a client service-based career. My time spent taught me how to observe and recognize value in people’s efforts, as well as spotlighting those with a lack of value.

We’ve all had a server who didn’t give a crap about us, take care of us, or was actually rude to us. Some of us did nothing about it. Some of us did something about it. But in the end, most of us don’t forget bad service. So when it comes to someone working to help my body transform, they better be observant, compassionate, understanding and motivating, or get out of my way and let me find someone who is.

Nicole is my gingery green tea.

She is good for me. And that makes for a great first true fitness day on Day 25.




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