SpringCleanEating – Day 15

Day 15 –




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I had NO problem with dairy. I was able to stay away from ice cream, and I’m not a milk drinker normally. But…

1. I gave in to a cup of coffee, but used almond milk and stevia as my creamer and sweetner. All I will say to that is Stevia is not my thing. Completely ruined my coffee. I’d rather use honey next time. Stevia tastes bleccccchhh to me so that is never happening again. I’d much rather have organic sugar or organic honey than that stuff.

2. And I gave in to 6 Cadbury mini eggs. I did. I admit it. I didn’t punish myself for having it. I could have had the bag, right? 😉 They were so cute and tiny. I enjoyed it, forgave myself, and moved on. Because humans do that sort of thing. We screw up. I don’t need to stress out over 6 little eggs. And I don’t eat those little gems daily. But, now that I did, I really need to keep the rest in check and keep that moment in my history.

3. Lastly, I gave in to 1 oz. of red mascato or Rascato as me and my friends and family celebrated Easter. I said one ounce. Not one glass. But the taste was just enough for my enjoyment. After all, it’s quality, not quantity. In this category, it’s not something that would turn me into a consuming machine. That’s something else. We’ll get to that in a moment.

Being at an Easter eve party loaded with all kinds of food, pop, cupcakes and cheesy potatoes, creamy casseroles, etc. gave me my first “maintain-my-detox challenge.” Since I started my detox, I haven’t been to any get-togethers where I had to see people who might offer me food – the kind where I’d have to decline. In the array of meals offered at the party, they happened to have shrimp. I can do that! Score! And stuffed cabbage rolls, stuffed with ground beef and rice? I can do that, too! Double score! And roasted potatoes? YES! Dinner was a winner. Whew!

Only had one moment where a cupcake was slowly being served in my direction and  I verbally arm-barred that approach with a quick and swift, “No, but thank you!”

My hardest experience, and I’d say my greatest accomplishment ever? Dodging bread.

I made crescent rolls at home for my family. I buttered and served warm bread. Let me say that again…

I buttered and served warm bread. I could have cried. The angst in just bringing one of those to my mouth was practically unbearable. My taste buds wanted to make out with my favoritest bad habit ever — bread.

Bread, I’ve now come to learn, is the ex-boyfriend I would call on a drunk, late night and hope I could see him for just one. more. night.

And no one needs to know about it.

Yeah. It’s that bad.

I was in that mental place. My family was so supportive [insert a glorious, mega eye-roll of sarcasm] that they left me alone in a room with warm bread. Um, let me just share one very important thing about me:


I looked at my bread ex. He looked so good. I wanted to devour him. I missed him SO badly. I actually heard myself whimper a little in agony looking at him?! Can someone relate with me here??

I mentally wrestled myself to not. go. there. I got out of the room. I managed to not have any bread, or any gluten of any kind.

But the best part is, after 14 days of detox, my body isn’t unhappy. My brain works fine. It’s just my mind that had a triggered moment, and training my mind is going to have low points, because habit changes take time, will, and consistency.

I noticed something new this holiday weekend. I noticed that sweet tasted way sweeter. Salt tasted saltier. I’d ask my family if they thought foods were too salty, and they said, “no?” The taste buds are clearing up. Maybe more will clear up as I keep up the next 15 days of this detox? Hope so!

CYMERA_20160328_122718 (1)What do I need to work more on? Water. I have such a hard time making water important to me. I didn’t grow up drinking water. I grew up with soda and juice. So over my adult years, drinking water seemed so boring and bland. So I’d make carafes of lemon, cucumber, blueberry and lime water, and combinations of it. But I noticed that I just don’t drink. The intention is there, but not enough action to make it happen.

I start off with a warm water with lemon in the morning. But after that, I kind of forget to drink. As soon as I remember, I am in the car, on my way somewhere, or in the middle of something. And I naturally say to myself, “I’ll get to it next…” and I don’t get to drinking anything ’til I’m almost done for the day. I end up drinking a bottle of water just before I go to bed. Not good. I need to keep water by me and drink.

What do you do to get water in your system all day? Do you carry a bottle with you everywhere you go? I tried a Tervis, but I leave it behind and get on with what I do. How do we stay conscious to drinking water? What are some good habit-creating options to get that water in my system?

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