SpringCleanEating – Day 20

20Today is my 20th day on the detox.

I’ve spent 20 days without sugar, gluten, dairy and caffeine.

My confessions

What I had that I shouldn’t have had:

1 coffee with almond mik and stevia on Easter morning, which I didn’t enjoy due to the stevia, so if I did it again I might sweeten with honey. If.

6 Nestle Cadbury mini eggs during the afternoon.

and 1 oz. of red mascato wine Easter evening (major will power here).

Considering what I used to eat daily, that’s really not a bad break in the detox. I’m astonished that I managed to stay away from bread, yogurt, Kefir, pasta/noodles, ice cream and pizza. And I didn’t suffer. I ate food five times a day, and food that tastes great, filled me up and the most shocking of all — gave me the energy I used to think I needed from coffee, ALL DAY. Never felt that sluggish feeling where I ached to sleep, or actually fell asleep when I finally had a moment to rest on my couch. THAT is an eye-opener — pun intended!

Outside of the food regimen,  I confess: I suck at water consumption, and sleep.

Water consumption

I have been so focused on what my five meals would look like, applying what I loosely call “replacement therapy” — where I’d take on what my habits try to tempt me to eat, and find a better replacement, retraining my mind to accept the better selection. I’d spend the other time preparing and managing my schedule to fit eating within it. I’d dodge places I’d habitually want, and replace them with better spots I knew I needed and should reach for when I’m on the run or having no time to get home for a meal. I totally forgot the drinking part. And I don’t feel parched to go get a drink.

I’d have a water bottle, a Tervis, a Zero-Water pitcher (the BEST!) and a mini fridge in my home stocked with bottles of water, and yet… no gulpy gulp.

I am asked to drink a ton of water a day, and I’d find myself having one cup of warm water with lemon in the morning and one bottle of water at night. Nothing during the day. I repeat — nothing during the day. Not intentional. Just neglectional.

So, now it’s agua time.

H2O is the way to go.

How l’eau can I go? Way down l’eau. All the way to the flow — of the Earth. 😎

Water P.O.A. (Plan of Action) – I am going to learn more about water and “fill” myself with the benefits of water knowledge, and I will embark on adding water to my need-to-have-with-me-at-all-times team (phone, keys, purse, etc.).

I’ve just learned from my wise Holistic Lifestyle Coach Nicole to look for bottled water that has lower than 300 dissolved solids. One of her favorites is Fiji. It has 222 dissolved solids, as it shows on the bottle. I tried it. Smooth. Like really smooth tasting.

I can’t believe I just said that about water. I’ve never had any regard for water. My parents drank orange juice, 7Up, and gave me the same and grape juice, and Kool-Aid. Oh, yeahhh.

“I tried it. Smooth. Like really smooth tasting.” sounds so funny coming out of my mind, but I like what I hear and what I taste. So now I’ve got 10 days to digest better water, and more of it. **gulp**


I am REALLY going to have to put attention on this one because by nature I am a night owl. I will sleep at 2 to 3am in the morning at times, and on average 12 or 1am. To sleep at 10pm is like telling me to go to bed when the sun is still out — this is the time I spend on my follow up work with my clients, reading and responding to emails, volunteer tasks and giving my time to my husband where we might chat, hang out, watch movies or shows restricted from our daughter, or dot – dot – dot.

My husband has this mentality as well –> “I’ll sleep when I’m dead.”

I used to have that mentality, but now that I’m in my forties, I don’t want to lose so much sleep that I knock on death’s door, either! Sleep is so necessary and a must for our body to decompress and recharge. Ever since I added a diffuser with Thieves oil recommended to me by Nourishing Transformations owner and friend, Emily Brown, I have finally reached good night sleeps that I had craved to have for years.

But — I don’t get to bed in time and I need to wake up early. So I sleep less, and I don’t want to do that anymore.

I hold the power to make all the necessary changes in my life, don’t I? Why aren’t I putting the proper efforts to arrange my life to suit my health needs? I’m teaching others, and yet in this area, I’m a slave to the needs of life and neglecting the clock ticking. That clock never stops for me. It doesn’t do any favors for me. EVER. Spring forward? Fall back? PTHHH. I don’t get to use a remote control and pause, rewind and edit anything regarding time.

Sleep P.O.A. – I need to lay out my plan of action where I really take care of me, and I believe that the rest will follow. Will take a look at how I play out my week and see how I can adjust my tasks so I can get myself to bed at first by 11pm. Will work from there to reach 10:30pm.

So, two days ago was my 18th day in the detox. I had an appointment to see Nicole to discuss any nutrition challenges and get measured and weighed.

I dreaded the measuring and weighing more than anything.

Regardless of any hard work I’d put in with food, there were many times I would think I was lighter, and find out I wasn’t. I would think I was smaller and learn – NYET! I could SWEAR my clothes felt better — NOPE. It was all in my head.

So now, after 18 days, I’m about to get measured, and I didn’t want to feel excited or proud, or any positive feeling (yes, folks, as much of a positive person I like to be, this area drives my cynical alter ego “Cynica” to control my mental console). When Nicole put the tape around my waist I just took a deep breath and accepted hearing

“well, you’re right where you are, we’ll look a little further to see what we can do…”, or

“Okay, so you’ve gone up an inch or so, and that’s okay, let’s look at what more we can do.”

Nicole asked me to put the tape by my belly button and held the tape snug enough to get an accurate measurement. Here we go…

“Ok, so you’ve lost two inches…” she said.

“SHUT…. UHP!” I yelled in the gym as I ran away from the tape and looked at her. “WHAT?! Shut up, Shut up, Shut up! Really???”

I didn’t want her to shut up, really. It was the best sentence I heard in a long time. She measured me again. Twice. Just to ensure me that she was speaking truth. And she was. Hot dang I lost two inches off my belly. EEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

She wasn’t done. She was goin’ for the hips.

The glutes. The bootylicious. The Badonkadonk.

Couldn’t we just stop at the one good news of the day? I don’t know if I want to hear this measurement.

She wrapped the tape around me.

I tried to accept hearing no change. Talked to myself, “…baby you got back, accept that it has it’s own zipcode. You love it for how it protects you on the icy ground if you fall by bouncing you back up and all, but…”

“You lost two inches here, too.” Nicole reported.

“SHUT UUUUUUP!!!!!! REALLLYYYYY???” My eyes flooded. I was shocked.

She took me to the weighing scale. Oh dear lord.

I was SO ecstatic of the inches… but pounds are tricky. I don’t like the scale. It has given me frustrating news for too many years. I dunno. I just dunn-

“You’ve lost here, too!” she exclaimed.



I tried to keep it together. I was in such a daze over the inches lost in my waste and hips that I thought I heard her say I lost two pounds. I was beside myself – 1) because I didn’t suffer through the eating experience to lose those inches and pounds – I never felt like I was deprived or starving and 2) I hadn’t exercised at all.

I posted my joy to my friends who have been either on their own cleanse or those who have been rooting for me knowing I’m on this journey…


And then this happened …

CYMERA_20160402_123331 (1)

in 18 days, I lost two inches in my waist, two inches in my hips and four pounds. And I ate all day. And I’m not tired. And I’m shocked and I’m really happy to see where this is taking me.

I just have 10 more days of the detox. I didn’t get to add exercise to my week last week, but I am this week. Just going to walk on the treadmill and maybe get on the elliptical for about 30 minutes. I’m also going to meet Nicole and get to know the Pilates reformer. That machine looks wicked.

Will share each day until my detox is over. 10 MORE DAYS! The countdown begins!



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