SpringCleanEating – Day 22 Part 1

Day 22. Eight Days Left.

pexels-photo (10)Still going strong.

Today was a better day where I was able to drink about four 16 oz. glasses of water. The need to use the bathroom was RIDICULOUS. Lol! Oh my goodness.

I think the funniest moment I had was picking up my daughter from school. Just moments before I picked her up, it was like a switch suddenly went off and I. had. to. go.

But I was in the car.

I had to wait till I got home.

So it felt like this:

Mixed with this:

I was white-knuckling the steering wheel, in major concentration of keeping my personal levee from breaking.

My poor daughter. Usually when she is in the car with me the dialog would sound something like this:

“HEYY!!! How was your day at school? Yeah? Oh really? Cool! How was lunch? Wow! Is that right? Well that was a nice thing s/he did! Sounds like you had quite a day!”

But not today. Today it was more like this:

“Don’t. Shhh. Hold on. Hi. Omg. I, um. Ugh, hang on a sec. Uhhhhh. Hey, Hi Honeyyyyyy. Huuuuuuh… Hold on. Had too much– Uhhhhhh. urgh. Water. Lol. I know. Sssstop it. lol. Don’t make me laugh. Knock it. Uhhhh– OFF. Lol! Shh. I can’t make that noise. Ssstop laughing. lol. Quit. You’ll — ugh –Make me laugh.  Omg this is HORRIBLE. lol. Omg. Stop. lol. omg. Don’t even talk to me. I can’t answer you. Lol. Stop laughing. Lol. Omg.”

I was so incoherent.

My daughter had a BLAST watching me squirm in my car, trying to drive us home and communicate. It was so bad that once I got parked, she zoomed with the keys to the door and opened it for me so I could dart into the house. What a moment. One thing’s for sure: she will NEVER forget how strong her mom’s, um, “levee” is. 😮

I wonder how long this manning-the-floodgate stage is going to take before my body accepts and adjusts? A week? A month? Man, that is tough.


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