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food-salad-healthy-lunchDay 24 – Better food, and soon — fitness!

I’ve been meaning to get to the gym to do some cardio, but my schedule has kept me from getting over there. The best feeling, though, is the message I have been giving myself — one that my health coach told me from the beginning:

Get the nutrition down first, then do the exercise. 

I had mentioned before how I had never learned it that way by any method in the past. It was always exercise and eat right. While those two factors ARE important, the point was to really hammer down the nutrition and, for me, truly review what I’m really eating. What I default to. You know, that’s more it, actually. What is my food default?

What is my common go-to? For a snack? A meal? On the go?

What IS my standard?

When I looked at everything, it was my standard that was hurting me, and worse — we are all learning more and more about how substandard the quality of much of the food has been in our lifetime. Food that we we unconsciously eat, or habitually prefer.

The frozen or pre-packaged meals loaded with sodium, multiple kinds of sugar, oils that don’t digest so well in the body, and fillers that have no real purpose except to increase shelf life and risk damaging the digestive system.

Dyes to make a natural unattractive color look more attractive, even at the expense of being completely unhealthy, and “natural flavors”  — don’t let that fool you. It all fooled me. I could go on, but you can do your own research and discover what’s behind the food industry curtain — it’s quite a wicked web woven. While there is a strong movement (one not shared on commercials or media) to truly eat clean and organic food, people are becoming ill and dying all around me, and not of old age. Children to teens to young adults to adults are affected here, and it’s really hitting a nerve — what if the source is food based?

Certain ingredients are approved by the FDA that shouldn’t be, and the science of everything is just so dang complex and loaded with passionate arguments, similar to how our political parties display their heartfelt opposition, that I can’t blame most people for defaulting to numbness and just getting a fricken hot dog. I can’t blame them. I get it. I feel that way, too.

To have to go to the grocery store and spend hours down aisles just to read the ingredients to see which has the least amount of ingredients or no HFCS, Red 40, Yellow 5, Blue 1, carageenan, aspartame, and on and on… geez. It makes my head spin. I’ve gone in the store when the sun was up and left when it’s dark outside. But the fact that studies show tons of people have removed cancer and other illnesses from their bodies by just changing their diet, that Tara Adler was able to resist having surgery intended to remove her diseased intestine, and turned her health around purely based on changing her food (you have got to read this article!), and even in fitness-based shows like The Biggest Loser — seeing the change in diet truly eliminate diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol and other gremlins that hurt our bodies, says something simple that the wicked web wants us to neglect:

The curse and the cure is mostly found in our food.

And here’s the kicker — I hold the the power to change the potential of a curse into an opportunity for a cure for my body. I mean, I own it, don’t I? Then it’s my power. My life. My body. My potential. My mindset. My power of consistency, and my power to rebuild a new standard.

I decided that I have to change the direction I’ve been walking in for four decades of my life. I did the exercise-three-days-a-week thing, but I ate poorly. Because I thought I could eat whatever I did because I exercised. Well – I wouldn’t be doing this if that worked 🙂 . The sail in my boat that I needed to adjust was my food sail. Now that I’m in that adjusting phase, it’s keeping my sailboat floating through the tough waters of old habits. I’m not looking at this as a chore, as a frustration or a hindrance. I’m looking at this as a mighty adventure.

Back to fitness: I’ve been on my nutrition rebuild for 24 days now and I’m getting on the Pilates Reformer tomorrow at my gym. Have you seen it? That thing looks like a beast.  When I first saw it, I swear I thought I was entering a 50 Shades of Grey “Red Room of Pain” when I saw that contraption. No, really. Look at this sweet but scary beast:

Never got on that before.

But it doesn’t mean I can’t find a way to break out of my suburban SUV momdom and ignite the fire within to tame the beast and bring my sexy back with that beauty. 😀

Wish me success! **GULP**




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