SpringCleanEating – Day 6

Day 6 —

What. The. Fork.

Had a pretty good day and then…







This is NOT a day that I need to be going anywhere.

Why am I so GASSY??

I JUST said that I was feeling deflated yesterday, and now I’m like loaded with bubbles floatin’ around and literally flying out of my body without consent!


I read somewhere that some of the side effects to these kinds of detox moments are fatigue and becoming gassy.

Well. That’s encouraging. Lol. When you eat well, your body has to readjust to a brand new habit and these issues will just go away over time. In the meantime, I’ll have to hope my husband will love me even more with my new sexy sounds of burps and belches. I’m like one big bubble of gas…


Yeaaaaahno. I will never be okay with sounding like Booger from Revenge of the Nerds.

But I could totally win a burping challenge.


I should be floating up to the ceiling of my house right about now, like that scene in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.


Excuse me.

Dear Lord. Come on. Have a little mercy.

I need to burp my way down to Earth.

I wonder if I have any Beano…



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