SpringCleanEating – Day 7


Woke up to a burp-less morning. Yes!

In fact, the day felt a lot better than my typical yesterdays used to feel. Last month I was sluggish, would pop a mug of coffee and a B12 with an organic yogurt parfait made of raw oats, a spoon of natural fruit spread and whatever nuts and fruit I wanted… but still felt tired. I got through the day, but underneath my typical outward energy, I felt weighed down inside.

I wouldn’t have said that back then, because I was unaware. But because I feel the way I feel today, I can look back and tell myself, “Yeah, you were weighed down from the inside out…”

My mind always found reason to justify it, like:

You slept late.

You’re old.

You are having a caffeine crash.

It’s probably a blood sugar crash.

You’ve just done so much all day.

Well, your inner Wonder Woman has to find time to rest, maybe this is your body’s way of saying time to chill?


But there I was — no sugar, yogurt, Kefir, creamer, soda, bread, pizza, kettle chips, burger buns, hot dogs, kielbasa, pierogi, onion rings, fries, caffeine, waffles etc., without any sugar, dairy, caffeine and gluten — you’d think I’d be a mess, worse than I was before, or in pure hell. Nay, I say.


I woke up bright. Not MEHHHHH.

I sat up easy. Not UURRRGGGH.

I stood up strong instead of ARGGH.

And I walked around ready to kick some ass.

Yeah, I said that.

Before I wanted to get things done from my mind’s need to get it done, but my body usually said, “eh, I’d rather not, but uuuhhhh-ok.”

Now? I wanted to get things done, from my core. That was a cool feeling I haven’t had in ages.

I got up and started making breakfast with my family, made what they wanted, and made what I wanted. The biggest mental change? I didn’t have angst in what I made for my family. They got to have toast with their meal, and I didn’t. And to me, it ain’t nothin’ but a g-thang, baby (gluten 😉).

I couldn’t believe I had that perception. THAT was a big moment.

Because bread.

See, it all started back in high school…

[insert Wayne and Garth’s dissolve into the past]

My high school was conveniently located across the street from what I still call the Old Orchard Shopping Mall. And in that fantastic mall rested a few staples of my coming-of-age guilty pleasures:

Gloria Jean’s Coffee Bean – had my first coffee all by myself. I walked around “like an adult,” window shopping while sipping that delicious java.

Victoria’s Secret – This was my place of oooo and aaaaaah for my teen-aged developing mind.  0% academic education, 100% sexy-unmentionables-under-my-modest-clothing wardrobe education (did I say too much?). This was the time when Victoria’s Secret played Baroque music. Very Lady Chatterly. I walked in and felt whisked away to some enchanted English garden maze wearing some Victorian frock, playing chase me with my imaginary Mediterranean boyfriend. (Okay, now I’ve really said too much.)

Boudin’s Bakery – THAT place. THAT PIZZA. Anyone who was a student around 1986-1990 at that school should know that place well. Especially on cold days – which Chicagoland tends to have in frequency. The dough on that pizza – it was the best party in my mouth I ever had. I never had dough as doughy and chewy and scrumptious and warm as I did there. At home I was served Indian food just about every day. Southern mostly, since my Mumbai, cosmopolitan, non-veg mom was making meals to impress and satisfy my South Indian, vegetarian dad. So I had chapati or dosa. Basmati rice or puri. Bhaji or avial [look them up — two different styles of food from a great country loaded with many flavors].

Listen, I enjoyed the cross-country Indian combo meal deal, however I was living in a place where hot dogs, fried chicken, hamburgers and pizza were the main staple, so to get my teeth cushioned around a warm, gluten-filled, cheesy pizza on a cold and dreary day right after school with my friends? I was sold. A very easy sell. And that began my love affair with gluten. And what a love affair we had. **sigh**

[and Wayne’s World dissolve back to today…]

So as you can see, there are 2 out of 3 teen introductions and joys that I had to face saying goodbye for a significant amount of time last week, no telling when I will come back. That was a major mental change to accept.

Cue James Ingram singing,

I don’t have the heart to hurt you…
It’s the last thing I want to do,
But I don’t have the heart to love you…
Not the way you want me to.

My breakfast was an easy and worthy banana nut bread loaf. I got this great recipe from CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach Nicole Moneer. She told me I could make it into muffins, cut into pieces to go, or little loaves. I baked it, and chose to cut it into bite-size pieces and bag it. And it was good. My daughter even approved (THAT’S a BIG deal!) I mean, look… doesn’t it look good?

 banana bread

And I’m here to tell you that it tastes good too. It’s dense, almost like a bread pudding, but with banana, oats, eggs, coconut oil, sea salt to taste, raw honey and walnuts. I had a Ninja blender so I cracked and threw in 4 organic eggs, and added 1.5 cup “Bob Mill’s” brand old fashioned oats, 2 bananas, stevia or unfiltered organic raw honey, sea salt to taste (maybe a pinch?) and 2 tbsp coconut oil or good butter (i.e. Kerry Gold).

I ran that mixer for a moment and mixed in a small amount of walnuts.  You can pour in muffin trays and bake at 350 degrees for 16-18 minutes, or pour into a bread loaf baking pan and bake for about 22 minutes or until the center is cooked through (test by inserting knife and pulling up to see if any batter is still sticking to the sides). It might take 30 minutes – depends on the oven. Just check for the center coming out clean and it’s done.

Had a great day and as the night closed in, I found myself all gassed up again. This toxin release is really something, lol. This time, instead of sounding like a dying cow that becomes the best reason for my family to laugh at me, I found that chamomile tea with some cinnamon helped soothe the gas party in my belly.

I love a good party. Just not there.





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