SpringCleanEating – Day 8

Day 8 –

It’s Monday. The day I began a week ago my mental and mouth-al training. I’m just going to use this opportunity to say wow – I cannot believe I got this far.

There are people who FAST for weeks, and for no other intention but maybe religion or vows. I know my Catholic friends have been going through Lent, where they have to give up something, and many of those whom I know of start off great, and end up with a few oopsies.

I remember an Italian guy I once dated got on the phone with me and told me that he gave up swearing. If you know me, this caused a grave, immature itch in me. An itch I wanted to scratch so badly.

The make-him-swear itch.

So as we talked, I debated with him about who-knows-what. My sass and educational comeback had him react with,

“I don’t give a [F-bomb]” followed by

“oh SH*T! —

Damn it!–

Son of a B–!!!!!”

Kind of reminded me of an old favorite flick of mine involving two men and a nun in class. At 1:34…

And that was that.

My point in this is, it can be really hard to focus on what you want to accomplish when you have a habit that unconsciously hangs around. But Jake and Elwood, while they might not be able to give up swearing, they never gave up on their overall mission. After all, they were on a mission from G-d.

And truly, when I think of my task here, I’m kind of in the same decommissioned Mount Prospect Police car with the cigarette lighter thrown out the window —

I’m on a mission, most likely from G-d, to take care of the only real home where my spirit lives. Losing both parents to illnesses, losing friends, hearing more friends getting diagnosed with illnesses across the allergy, sickness and disease board, and learning how we were brainwashed to love and deem unhealthy foods acceptable anyway, I had to get the band back together.

According to Nicole, my Cab Calloway kind of performer in the fitness and health conscious world, my organic and whole band had to be made of organic fruits, healthy fats, organic veggies, protein and healthy carbs. And that kind of band, I hear, is not the one-hit wonder kind. It’s the kind of band like U2, Aerosmith, and Bon Jovi —

it’s all about longevity, man…


So for the past week I’ve announced my plan of action to as many people as I could.

I shook my tail feather.

My heart sang Aretha to me,“…you need me, and I need you, without each other there ain’t nothing we can’t do.”

Hit itAnd where I am today in terms of sticking to it, I’m still in it. No cheating. I don’t exactly know if I’m going to have a breaking point or if I have conquered a tough hill, but right now I am really amazed I am still in it to win it.

I’m approaching Easter weekend. I’m preparing to work really hard on what I call “the replacement method” where I will be replacing worry with confidence, wonder with knowledge, and conflict with solution and hit the upcoming weekend with foods that sing “I need you! you! you!”

And if I can reach a standing ovation status with my organic and whole band back together, then that will be the day that I will finally have seen the light to a better road ahead. xo




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