SpringDetox – Domino Effect in Consciousness


Earlier this Monday I completed the 30-Day Detox I set myself out to accomplish. A great goal that I’m glad I experienced. And not only have I not reverted back, I don’t consider this as a detox anymore. It’s been adopted as a lifestyle, and I’m really happy about it. And not ONLY did it affect my food consumption and body’s ability to process, it’s made my mind naturally seek out what else I could conquer. I posted this on facebook the other day:


I didn’t set out to gut the den. I just walked in there and got busy. And like the post said, I got it done quickly. And to think I waited ALL these years! Sheesh! It takes a freaking DETOX! Then the next cool thing happened —

One day last week on social media, I came across a picture posted of a hand holding what I thought was a bar of soap.


Looked intriguing. The post said the following:

I have ready:
1oz bars. $4 each
0.3oz little flowers $1 each
4.7oz bar $15 
Samples $1

I make them with local sourced beeswax from Belfry Bees that is unfiltered (little dark specks or pollen in it, straight from the hive) pure apricot oil, organic coconut oil, pure cocoa butter and real vitamin E.

I made the slightly harder version because I think it makes sense in a bar (feels like soap-handles well- doesn’t melt while holding-less oily) So pretend like you are washing your hands with soap and don’t wash off. After 5 min it feels like nothing is on your skin but you can tell when you get wet because water will bead. Yay! You are sealed!

Rub on eczema, heels, lips, hands, elbows, you name it. I do make whipped lotions and delicious brown sugar almond or lemon ice body scrubs I’ll have to start posting those as well under the North Shore Naturals page. All made with local wax or honey.

PM me or stop by for porch pick up.

Wow. I kept reading the comments. I don’t even know how many comments there are. I lost count. The post BLEW UP with people all clamoring for a bar, or a small flower, and talked with owner Jenn Cox about different versions that might suit a bigger market. It was a great post to see the explosive demand, but moreso, she was so polite, answered everyone, and altered the recipe that she created to establish her product as nut-free as well. Wow, so besides being 100% natural and no toxins…

It’s baby safe.

There’s no added fragrance.

And it smells so good.

The product can be applied on dry lips, too.

She added organic coconut oil to it for the healing properties, thinking to heal children with eczema.

And according to what she said: “The oils/butters melt at body temp when you rub it, then the wax seals and protects your skin for a bit.”

I read in one comment that she uses avocado oil and honey and “…swears it’s the only thing that makes her [daughter’s] lips super soft.”

This whole thing began when Jenn posted that she made the bar for her kids. A friend of mine, Pam, asked her if she would sell that bar because it sounded like a great item. Once Jenn said “sure!” — wildfire ensued. Everyone wanted some a dat. Next thing you know, she gave her new business a name:

North Shore Naturals. Natural, Pure or Organic Body Care. Free of toxins, chemicals and synthetic fragrances.

I was sold. This is right up my alley on wanting to be clean from the inside out. Now that I’m eating more consciously, I’m looking for more of the same to surround my life. While I don’t have allergies, I still want pure ingredients on my body. And the product pictures, well, they sell themselves…

brown sugar cookie scrub

The Chocolate Sugar Scrub for Lips!

"Hard Lotion" minis

“Hard Lotion” minis! How cute are they? Kids love them! Perfectly small for your purse.

coconut night cream

Coconut Cream Night Cream!

and the echo of “Natural, Pure or Organic Body Care. Free of toxins, chemicals and synthetic fragrances” had me in my car yesterday, heading to her house.

She opened the door and had on the cutest polka dot apron, and if she was slaving over a hot stove, well, I’d want to look like that slaving over a hot stove. She was so carefree and allowed me to try her items. I asked her about hard lotion, because I hadn’t yet read what that was all about. At that time, my hands were SO dry. All the hand washing, dish washing, laundry, and even with attempts to put lotion on through the day, my hands still felt dry. I’ve been blessed with a darker pigment that can handle the sun, but come winter, and it’s ash-and-crack season. So sexy. Smh.

I use Ahava, which is $26.00 a bottle. Oh, the scent is wonderful and I did like it.


I got one of the little hard lotions samples that she sells for $1.00.

(Did you hear that? $1.00!) 

She gave me a little boo-boo (<– my word for tiny-adorable or so dang cute I can’t take it) bear. Told me to put the bear in my hands. Our bodies at 98.6 degrees experience an internal summer 24/7/365, so when you rub that hard lotion on your hands as if it were soap, it does melt to the heat just a bit. When done, set it aside. I would keep in a tiny zip-top bag. My hands started off feeling like I put a heavy lotion on, but in moments it just soaked into my skin, and smelled great! The softness lasted for most of the night, even when I washed my hands.



Here’s the little bear today (the next day.) I had my husband use and my daughter last night.


I closed my hands just to let the warmth of my hand kickstart the lotion…


Can you see the shiny palm? You’re expecting a lotion look, right? Like a glob of stuff, but no – it’s a shiny, lotion that you can spread around your hand.

Just rub the lotion like you would a mini soap, just don't rinse. massage it into your skin and boom. Done.

Just rub the lotion like you would a mini soap, just don’t rinse. Massage it into your skin and boom. Done.


And I know you really can’t see, but I promise you, my skin is SOFT!

And the best part? The softness lasts. And my little bear is still going strong. I’ll like to see how long the little bear will last, but I’m also using on my lips because it’s better than the typical lip balm. And I love it on my lips! And it’s just a $1.00? That’s ridiculously awesome. AND, well to me, IT SMELLS LIKE CHOCOLATE! My daughter almost snorted this up her nose, she loved the smell so much.

And speaking of lips and chocolate — I got the Chocolate Lip Sugar Scrub.


See that brown, juicy, sandy-looking stuff? It’s goodness.

And though I no longer have a relationship with sugar, I used this opportunity to scrub my lips. You scrub, and lick them off. Oh, yeah. Delicious for you, and might make your partner/spouse smile a little more.  🙂 Win win!

I did it this morning and my lips are smooooooooooooooth. Look!

Excuse the poor pucker or duck-face, but my lips feel way better:

Lips like sugar... kisses :)

Lips like sugar… sugar kisses — a little Echo & the Bunnymen tribute

I also invested in an activated charcoal face mask.


Sucks all the toxins off your face and you need just a little. But it does such a good job that you want to put a good cream on once you rinse it off. And that’s why I got this:


Coconut Cream Night Cream

And, well, I also got other treasures. Because May is coming and that’s my birthday month. Found a great and affordable reason to celebrate life. 😀
My skin goodies tray looks like this:


See the heart in there? #Heartsdomatter

I have sugar scrubs, face masks, bath salt samples and you see that rose on the left? Imagine getting your tub ready for a warm bath, throw that in (the fragrance is divine) and the rose will dissolve and leave rose petals surrounding you – what????? Isn’t that great? I’d stay in my tub ’til I got all pruney, I tell you.

The cost of all I bought was $32.00, a tiny bit more than the one Ahava bottle that didn’t even last on my hands for a few hours. This tray of treasures will take care of my hands, lips, face and body. Dude. I love Jenn Cox. She is my skin hero.

And I don’t know if you know this, but she is the owner of Marshmallow Fairy, as well. Omg – the time I decide to break up with sugar, I meet the Marshmallow Fairy. In the midst of all she was whipping and snapping she ran into the kitchen and brought out a plate of her freshly made marshmallows. Oh no!! 🙂

She asked if I’d try a sample. She had no idea about my disconnect with sugar. But she was so cute. And she just made them.


Stop it, Jenn Cox, you are too cute.

And she had a raspberry marshmallow for me to try.  Ohhhh, ok. 🙂


See the size of the cut? I had so little. But in my pre-30 days I’d have had that whole plate. Because marshmallows.

I took a nibble. Over a month of no sugar, and while everything sweet is too sweet for me anymore, I will tell you that for the rest of you, it is really really super good. If you like marshmallows, she IS your fairy.

So I end today sharing with you just how well my detox did for me. It brought me to better things. My den is getting renovated. And so are my face and hands, now that winter weather is finally departing Chicagoland. Freaking finally.

Loving my new connection with Jenn Cox of North Shore Naturals out of Northbrook, IL and hope you all get to enjoy her products as much as I did! (I’d order now before she blows up and prices could change.)

Here’s to you, your missions, and where they lead you. And may your skin enjoy the amazing ride with you as well 🙂 xoxo




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