The Dating GPS™

How do you take an idea and manifest it into a reality? See it! Envision what you would like to see. Imagine what it takes to get there. Say it! Talk about your aspiration with your own support system: people you can count on for feedback, help and emotional support. Place your words of purpose […]


  I keep hearing people say, “…love is supposed to be easy.” I disagree.  Love is not easy. Love is hard. It was hard for Gandhi, for Martin Luther King Jr., for Jesus, for Moses, and especially for G-d. So, honestly, we really don’t get the privilege to have it better than any of them. Love is not […]

How Do I Love Me?

  “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…”. Sonnet 43 of Sonnets from the Portuguese hit the hearts of so many lovers and hopeless romantics, connecting with Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s words, and rightfully so. Her words leap high and dive deeply into the heart of love. And while this classic poem had intentions strictly […]