The Dating GPS™

How do you take an idea and manifest it into a reality?

See it!

Envision what you would like to see. Imagine what it takes to get there.

Say it!

Talk about your aspiration with your own support system: people you can count on for feedback, help and emotional support. Place your words of purpose on paper (hard copy or cyber). Map out your ideas.
These methods kick-start the engine of intention, taking you to your destination or goal.

Do it!

Thinking is nice.

Saying is good.

Praying is great.

But doing makes it happen. Take the first step!

How did I learn that the above works?


My latest idea started in 2010. The idea: write and publish a relationship resource book.
I reached out to my support system about my idea and received positive feedback.

I then contacted a connection: my friend/professor/career coach/writer, Alex Sukhoy, and pitched my idea, asking her to collaborate with me. And then we met Relationship Expert, Frankie Doiron of Impact Coaching Academy who joined in on the project.

And then we worked.

And worked…

And worked.

The result:

The Dating GPS™: Guys, Pricks and Sweethearts    Get It On Amazon Now!


A hilarious, frustrating, romantic and wise book about
dating adventures, and misadventures and the path that leads to whole and healthy love.

You may find yourself reinventing your own happy ending!




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